Come See Us!

I’m spending today getting everything ready for the Northwest Georgia Bridal Show. The Show is tomorrow at The Forum in Rome from 1 to 5 p.m. Come see us!!  For more show info, go to

I love the bridal shows because everyone you talk to LOVES weddings. We love weddings and it’s awesome to be around other professionals who share the same passion, but it’s also so invigorating to talk to brides and their moms and friends all day. 

I’m also thrilled that some of my best vendors and friends in the business will also be there.  Bussey’s Flowers, Sincerely Yours, Harvest Moon, and Honeymoon Bakery will all be there. 

In fact, I should note that on the front page of the newly redesigned website for The Season, all of the photos featured in the 8 navigation links are all Bussey’s arrangements.  So beautiful!!

I hope to see everyone tomorrow!

Jan 30, 2010