Getting Going

I’m often asked about my super-fun job and the stories that I must be able to tell.  So, I thought I’d start a blog to share my thoughts and reflections about the events that I am proud to be part of.  Since this blog will also be a view into the stories behind the events and this company, there are also a few categories that pertain to my various interests and hobbies, too.  It’s all loosely tied together – you’ll see!
So, to get started, here’s a short introduction to The Season.  The author of this blog, primarily, is me – Holly Lynch – owner of the company (along with my super-supportive hubby, but he prefers to remain anonymous).  There may be other contributers along the way, but most of the posts will be from me.

The Season is a full-service event and wedding planning company.  Although my background is in corporate events and marketing, The Season is primarily known for being THE wedding planner in this area.  We love weddings. But more on that later. . .

Although I am the owner, The Season is NOT a one-woman show.  We have a part-time staff of 13 others, all professionals in their own right, but who are gracious enough to work for The Season as often as possible.  Everyone is trained by me [and I’m trained by the Association of Bridal Consultants, lots of higher education and specialty classes, and awesome professionals in the industry who are kind to me!].  Of the 13 other fabulous people who work at The Season, one is always an intern.

Since I was once a lowly intern while in college, I return the favor now to a student every semester. “The Intern” gets to do lots of things – some are boring, like putting stickers on favor boxes.  Sometimes, there’s a much more fun task, like corralling the flower girls!  So, The Intern will have a guest spot on this blog, too.  Currently, The Intern is Jimmy – we LOVE Jimmy.  We call him “Jimmy The Boy Wonder”. He probably hates that, but he’s been an excellent intern and we are grateful for all he does here.

Enough about us.  Let’s get going!

Jan 28, 2010