The 3 P’s of Outdoor Weddings

The President 18 model from Johnny-on-the-Spot.

Potties. Power. Parking.

Those may very well be listed in order of importance. These three “P’s” are integral elements for planning any wedding and many times they are overlooked when using an outdoor venue.  Outdoor weddings occur most oftentimes during the late spring and summer and it is important for guests to remain hydrated.  Therefore, providing a place with easy access for guests to relieve themselves is necessary.

The Season uses Johnny-on-the-Spot, a company providing full-service bathroom trailers for special events such as The Atlanta Steeplechase and the Peachtree Road Race.  These are no port-o-potties.  They come equipped with running water and mirrors and The Season adds fresh flowers, scented candles, hand soap, and bathmats.

Summer outdoor ceremonies and receptions are most comfortable (temperature-wise) toward the evenings, and as the sun sets, the lights must come on. Whether your ceremony is at dusk and the dinner reception is under a chandeliered tent or they are in the middle of the afternoon, you need to consider power for the band, fans, the caterers, and, of course, that potty.

Meggie and Buck's chandeliered tent wedding in March 2009. Photo courtesy of Bryan Johnson.

Power can easily be cut off to an event if breaker boxes to a house or building become overloaded.  Meggie and Buck’s tent reception below had both chandeliers and white string lights lining the inside of the tent, all of which utilized a generator.  The Season can coordinate all tent rentals and meet the power needs of both large and small-scale events.

Parking at an outdoor wedding, or at any wedding for that matter, can sometimes be on grass.  If there is a chance of rain, there should be a backup plan, especially since grass can quickly turn to mud. Straw can also be laid to supply more traction and can be raked up following the wedding.

Questions to be considered for parking are:

  • How far is the parking from the event venue?
  • Should golf carts be rented to shuttle people back and forth?
  • Should parking attendants be hired to direct traffic?

With all the excitement of the big day, don’t wait to think about these details when planning an outdoor wedding.  Better yet, let The Season think about them for you!

Jun 24, 2010