Medieval Beauty on Fourth Avenue

The church's cobblestone walls make the outside just as beautiful as the inside.

The Season has been blessed to have beautiful weddings at gorgeous churches all over the southeast. But one of our favorites is right here in our hometown – St. Peter’s Episcopal church. So when Beth asked us to help with her wedding there this June, we were thrilled be back inside the extraordinary structure (for another look at St. Peter’s, check out the blog from Molly’s wedding here). Read on for more information on this historic and grandiose church!

When Rome was just ten years old, Saint Peter’s Episcopal Church built their church on the corner of Fourth Avenue and First Street. Fifty years later in that same spot, white Georgia marble cornerstone was laid beginning the foundation of a new and more magnificent chapel.

The brilliant colors from the stained glass filled the chapel.

Rome, Georgia is home to many beautiful historic landmarks, but St. Peter’s Chapel is a beauty of its own. From the sidewalk, her textured stone walls stand firm and are detailed with buttresses flanking each side of the nave. Trios of stained glass windows between each buttress create a breathtaking setting, taking you back to the medieval period known for its signature gothic architecture.

If you’ve ever walked through those bright red doors and into the chapel, you remember the awe and reverence of the beauty surrounding you.

Elegant dark stained wood ceilings made the chandeliers pop.

The sun beaming through the stained glass reflects a luminous band around the room and lands softly the wooden pews. Each window carefully handmade honors the church’s beliefs and some are dedicated to people who aided in establishing the church. From above, dark wooden vaulted ceilings demand attention. Separating the radiant stained glass from the stunning ceiling hang medieval style light fixtures with metal facing, the perfect combination for the venue.

St. Peter’s Episcopal Chapel is a one of a kind piece, and a perfect setting for any wedding. Located right in the heart of downtown Rome, it’s a historical Roman landmark that will never go out of style.