Oh Darling, let’s be Adventurers

Oak Hill's Sunken Garden was a breathtaking isolated venue!

Oak Hill’s Sunken Garden was a breathtaking isolated venue!

While Rome is a splendid place to tie the knot, many of it’s lovely venues get reused multiple times with no significant difference besides color palette (one reason why we LOVE weddings at home!). Traditionally, a ceremony venue will encompass a horizontal landscape with two or four rows of seating leading to the head of the room or venue and topped off with stained glass windows.

Bride Lindsey knew just the touches to transform her Oak Hill wedding into an original wedding experience for her guests. All of Oak Hill’s gardens are top notch, but for an edge, Lindsey chose the Sunken Garden – an idea from Martha Berry herself after a visit to a little amphitheater in Poconos during the summer of 1933. She sent word to her landscaper, Robert Cridland saying, “If we could have some terraces we might have a delightful spot for entertainments.”

Martha’s wishes were fulfilled as Lindsey and Nolan’s wedding ceremony was filled with beautiful nature and progressed from intimate foot washing to friends and family passing the rings and saying prayers over them and the couple.

Everyone transitioned from the Sunken Garden to the Formal Garden to enjoy shrimp tempura wraps, sip on fruity “mock”tails and sign the guest book globe. Guests then followed the pebbled path to the backyard for dinner. Instead of the conventional buffet style serving at Oak Hill with circular tables spread across the yard, tables were set up in long rows and dinner was served French-Family Style – guests chose their entrée prior to the wedding day and waiters placed the coordinating entrée on the crystal-etched plates (French style service) and side dishes were served in large bowls and passed by

Bright flowers and fruits popped among the greenery at Oak Hill.

Bright flowers and fruits popped among the greenery at Oak Hill.

each person at the table (family style service)! While the beautiful plates needed no additional accents, they were complimented with an assortment of pink, peach and orange flowers, greenery and fruit!

The sweetheart table, where Lindsey and Nolan had their first meal as husband and wife, sat at the head of everyone else and in perfect view of the dance floor. All the extra space in the backyard opened up more room for the night’s entertainment!