Sweetly Southern at Berry College

The wooden Barnwell Chapel stands beautifully beside the turning trees.

The wooden Barnwell Chapel stands beautifully amongst the fall leaves.

Finding a ceremony and reception venue to love equally can be a challenge for some brides. Not because Rome lacks beautiful venues, but because traveling to separate parts of this historic city can be a challenge in itself: whether there are road closures, traffic jams or guests who just aren’t familiar with the area.

If having a wedding in your backyard (our favorite venue) isn’t an option, Berry College’s campus is a grand choice too. Besides the acres of spectacular pastures, the rich history of the college and the wonderful wildlife around you, Berry also has its own variety of ceremony and reception venues – solving any travel concerns. Friends and family can stay inside the campus gates and easily navigate to each location.

Bussey's deep red flower bouquets were glowing both at the ceremony and on the wedding cake!

Bussey’s brilliant red flower bouquets made the perfect accent in the ceremony and on the wedding cake

That’s just what Bride Melissa did for her perfect fall wedding. She chose the extraordinary wooden Barnwell Chapel built by Berry students for her ceremony venue, and what a great choice for her intimate wedding! The chapel exuded beauty on the outside as the autumn leaves began changing to burnt orange and on the inside as Melissa and John were surround by their maid of honor, best man and close friends and family.

Guests filed into their cars and drove conveniently around the corner to the Ford Dining Hall surrounded by the majestic Ford Buildings for the reception. For a special touch, Melissa and her family made a receiving line leading up to the grand wooden doors giving guests a chance to congratulate the couple right after the ceremony!