Catering, Cocoa, and My First Wedding

On a chilly January afternoon, I walked into my very first wedding by The Season Events!

Pink and white hydrangeas made lovely, simple centerpieces.

Pink and white hydrangeas make lovely, simple centerpieces.

The ceremony at St. Mary’s Catholic Church on North Broad St. featured few decorations, allowing the classic beauty of the stained glass and ornate altar to speak for itself. Just a quick drive down Broad St. brought family and friends—and me!—to the Rome Area History Museum for the reception. Upstairs, Ray Harris and the catering team, the bartenders, and one of our best coordinators had been hard at work turning a spacious second floor into a candlelit room full of great food, beautiful décor, and drinks at the ready.

Brie and pear tarts were a favorite for guests!

Brie and pear tarts were a favorite among guests.

In the kitchen, I watched—and even got to help!—the controlled chaos of creating and serving a gourmet meal. Each BLT appetizer was hand-assembled with freshly sliced sweet yellow tomato, a bit of bacon, and one spinach leaf. Every Brie and pear tart was carefully assembled with a dab of pear preserves, a slice of fresh pear, a bit of Brie and a sprig of mint. No wonder everyone loved them!

The dinner buffet started with a lavish Antipasto station of olives, tomatoes, and a variety of cured meats, complimented by a beautiful fruit and cheese board—it looked so good I hated to see it eaten! The second course offerings included a Caesar salad with homemade dressing, bite-sized ham biscuits, roasted beef and vegetable soup, chicken tortilla soup (topped with sliced tortillas and fresh avocado!), with yeast rolls and cornbread. Wow.

It turned out to be a long, busy afternoon snapping photos, taking notes, carrying platters and generally absorbing the wedding atmosphere. Nevertheless, it was undeniably special to share in the celebration of a marriage and the beginning of a family. Here’s to many more celebrations with The Season Events!

Feb 7, 2015