About The Season Events

The Season Events, a full-service event planning company, was born in early 2007 to offer professional, personal event planning services to the Northwest Georgia area.

Holly Lynch, wedding planner for The Season Events in Rome, GaHolly D. Lynch, owner of The Season Events, earned her BA from Berry College and an MBA from Kennesaw State University. She has worked for several corporations planning events and doing marketing and promotion work before forming The Season Events. She lives in Rome, Georgia, with her husband and two dogs.

The Season Events has planned events from multi-day conferences to weddings, big and small. The Season Events employs a number of professionals who assist with weddings and events.

Because of the educated and professional staff, The Season Events has successfully managed several events at one time.


Holly & Rick: – Holly and Rick Lynch are the owners. Holly founded the company in 2007 and couldn’t do it without the love and support of her sweet hubby. Rick helps make the big decisions, but also enjoys bartending and driving. He’s also been known to bring whatever Holly has forgotten (usually her own outfit).

Ray – The catering director. He brings 23 years of cooking experience to the team, but his stockbroker background is highly valuable when it comes to the math skills required in this business! When he’s not in the kitchen, you can find him deep in quiet reflection. Or watching re-runs of Breaking Bad.

Adam – Adam gets his own introduction – he worked The Season Events’ VERY FIRST event. He made centerpieces from red and white carnations (among other duties). Bless him. Now, of course, Adam is a jack of all trades, especially in the kitchen and bartending. Every event runs a little smoother when Adam is there

Kevin – Kevin almost doesn’t need an introduction. He’s been with The Season Events team for a long time. His primary job is to keep the office running smoothly. But he’s a bartender, driver, event crew, and even an ordained Elder. So, if you need someone to marry you, fix your drink, and drive you home, Kevin’s your guy.

Tara – Tara has worked for Ray for several years, and now EVERYONE on the team loves her and knows her immense value. She’s officially the kitchen manager, and she really runs the show on the catering side of things. She has two precious little ones at home, and reads for fun (especially cookbooks).

Dean – Although not pictured, Dean is no stranger to The Season Events. First joining the team in 2010 as an intern, Dean returned from Seattle in 2015 as our Marketing and Brand Manager. You’ll see his work in many design, social media and blog pieces, and when he’s not in the office, you may find him reading the latest car news or doing something with coffee.

Kim, Crissy, Brenda, Cheryl , Susan – these ladies are our team leaders – they can pretty much do any function related to event directing and keeping the day running smoothly. They’ve been with The Season Events a long time, and we absolutely couldn’t run the company without them.

Juan, Hope, & Nathan – CHEFS!! What would we do without amazing and talented chefs to bring awesome food to our clients?! All three come from various backgrounds but they share one thing in common – nothing leaves the kitchen that doesn’t taste as good as it looks!

Chrystial, Ashley, Tawny, Elisa, Lisa S., Lisa H., Robyn, Kim, Denise, Keith, Nicole, Rebekah, Emily & Teresa – These ladies are all experts in their own right. Some are great with reception details, others direct ceremonies, some are bartenders, and some are servers. These people are the glue that holds the operation together! You never know when one is helping pack a getaway bag, locating a wayward ring bearer, or finding a way to turn a broken pie into bite size treats. We like to cross-train at The Season Events, so don’t be surprised if one of these folks helps you get down the aisle and then brings you a cocktail later on!

Larry, Chad, Sam, Micah, Brad, Eric, Tribb – like the versatile ladies, these guys do a little bit of everything. Some drive, some bartend, some keep the crowd under control, some look good while serving your appetizers. It doesn’t hurt that most of them are married to one of the awesome women on this team, so we have no problem keeping everyone together!

Abby & Haley – College Students!! Oh, how we love our Berry College students at The Season Events. Haley has been with us for almost 2 years, and we really hope she never graduates. She helps with marketing the business, but also assists with event work and keeping up with clients’ needs. Abby is new to the team, and is likely to graduate after her first semester with us (oh how we wish we’d found her earlier!). She does most of our blog articles and photos, and helps keep up with our Pinterest and Instagram pages.