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Part of the Family

Since 2007, Holly Lynch and her team at The Season have been providing precious and unforgettable weddings for numerous brides and grooms. It is even more special when the couple is close friends of The […]

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Puppy Love

Summer and Hunter’s wedding guests were tickled as the couple’s chocolate lab, Peanut, walked across the red wooden bridge and down the aisle as their ring “barker”. His patterned bow tie collar matched the groomsmen’s […]

Jun 30, 2012 · Read More

Traditional and Innovative

“I am the lover of uncontained and immortal beauty. In the wilderness, I find something more dear and connate than in streets or villages. In the tranquil landscape, and especially in the distant line of […]

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A Storybook Wedding

As a new blog writer for Holly Lynch, I, Kelsey Zablan, would like to share my first experience with The Season’s weddings. Working with The Season for just a week, I have already learned how […]

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Cue the Back-up Plan!

Planning an outdoor wedding has many pros and cons. On one hand, there is the benefit of a naturally beautiful backdrop. However, there is also the factor of weather. As hard as we may try, […]

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It’s All in The Details

A bride normally meets a lot of new people in the process of planning her wedding. There’s florists, caterers, photographers, etc. to meet and make a part of the big day. So it is really […]

Apr 22, 2012 · Read More

A Bartender’s Perspective

“What’s it like on that side of the bar?” an obviously happy wedding guest asked me last weekend.  Without hesitation I smiled and said, “It’s great – lots of fun!” which was actually an understatement.  […]

Mar 18, 2012 · Read More

Wedding Planning or Wedding Coordinating?

With Engagement Season (it’s a real thing!) in full swing, there are an increased number of newly engaged brides getting started on the planning process. If this includes you or a friend, you are probably […]

Mar 11, 2012 · Read More

Spirits Bartending

The Season started a bartending service, Spirits, not long ago, and we recently had a great debut at the Northwest Georgia Bridal Showcase. So what does that mean for you and your friends? It means […]

Feb 1, 2012 · Read More

Vintage Decor for a Classic Location

As a Berry College grad, I have been to a lot of events in Berry’s Ford Dining Hall. This ballroom is part of the iconic Ford Complex, which functions as the venue for a plethora […]

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